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Reducing our energy costs and helping the environment are very valid goals that we can all work towards achieving. Minor changes, which can be low or no-cost and can positively impact our wallets and the environment, are easy to make and easy to continue.

Some of these minor changes include:

  • Turning off the lights and the unused equipment: when things are not in use, they should be turned off. If not, we are paying for wasted energy.
  • Replacing older lights: older lights often do not work as well as they used to and instead can actually hurt your pocket by adding costs in power usage and maintenance. A re-lamping program might be the answer for organizations looking to save money since the lights are replaced whenever they are not working at their peak.
  • Turning off computer monitors and replacing CRT monitors with LCD monitors: when not in use, the computer monitors should be turned off. This saves on energy costs as well as do newer LCD monitors which are more energy and cost-effective.
  • Shopping around for the most cost and energy-effective product. Taking a little time to do this at the beginning will go a long way towards saving on energy costs in the long run.
  • Choose signs with LED lighting: LED Lighting will save on maintenance and energy costs. The savings can be as high as 90 percent higher than with incandescent lighting.
  • Use weather stripping and caulking to correct any leaks. You can do this yourself and save money both on the work and on energy costs, while controlling the ventilation inside your space.

Colony Electrical Inc. provide residential, industrial and commercial electrical services in the Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and Mississauga areas. 

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"As one of Toronto’s top rated contractors we at Oborne Contracting Inc. expect only the best for our clients. We understand that as a company we are only as good as our employees and trades. Andy from Colony Electrical is one of the best we have used in our 21 years of successful business. Andy’s good nature and ethical disposition are the reasons we keep going back to utilize his services. He is fair in his pricing and completes his work in a timely and neat fashion. He never hesitates and addresses our projects when required. I certainly can’t say enough good things about Andy as a person and Colony Electric as a loyal trade. For this project Andy was hired to complete electrical clean up, rough in and finishes for a 700 sq foot basement. Clients happy, I’m happy.
Thanks Andy