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Basement Renovations Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga

Colony electrical Inc. has plenty of expertise in basement renovations in the Oakville, Bulington and Mississauga area. We can assist homeowners in all stages of their basement renovation, from design to execution. A well executed basement renovation should be done on-time, on-budget and should increase the value of your property.

Basement Renovation Design

Colony electrical can help you design your dream basement renovation, no matter what your dream is: a family recreation, home office, additional living area, man-cave, wine cellar, storage, or a combination of different needs.

Wants vs. Needs

During the pre-design stage of your home renovation, homeowners usually visualize their future basement to include all their wants and using the best (and probably the most expensive) finishing materials.

What needs to be having in consideration for a Basement Renovation?

With our expertise we can help homeowners to make a reality check and decide which renovations are "must have" and which one are "wish have" and decide on alternatives which can offer a great solution without sacrificing functionality.

Talking to an expert before you start a renovation project can help you understand the scope of work and the hurdles that come with it.

We can help homeowners to see unforeseen problems that may occur as a result of their planned basement renovations. Different kind of issues may arise depending on the existing space/infrastructure vs. the planned work. Here are some examples:

  • HVAC Infrastructure: Does it need to be relocated?  The HVAC equipment or ducts may need to be relocated in order to optimize the basement space or accommodate your needs. Does it need to be upgraded? Depending on the planned renovation the homeowner may need to increase the size of the Air Conditioner or the Furnace to have the capacity to manage the additional areas included in your basement renovation.
  • Plumbing Infrastructure: What does exist? What needs to be constructed? Is there any bathroom involved in the renovation? Is there any Kitchen or kitchenette to be added or renewed? Is there a laundry area to be added or moved?
  • Humidity/moisture: Is there any leakage, humidity that needs to be taken care of previous to start any construction.
  • Bathroom: What should be the proper distribution? What needs to be included? What are the highest quality fixtures you should use? Proper Lighting. Proper electric infrastructure (i.e. are you including a whirlpool? or a sauna?)
  • Flooring: What kind of flooring should be used carpet, ceramic, laminate, wood?
  • Framing /Insulation/Walling: The walls need to have the proper framing support and insulated.
  • Cabinetry/Closets: What is the highest quality finishes you can buy depending on your budget and wishes?
  • Lighting/outlets: What should be the optimal and most efficient distribution of lighting and electrical outlets to serve the homeowner’s needs?
  • Electrical Infrastructure: The new additions may require that your hydro service be upgraded or that your electrical panel  be updated or retrofitted; new electrical wiring will be required to feed the lighting, outlets, kitchen, laundry, etc.
  • Demolition: Is there any demolition involved?
  • Unforeseen: Sometimes you may find problems only after demolition has been completed. Some examples are moisture or leakages, termites, outdated materials which are dangerous (asbestos, aluminum wiring, out of code electrical work). You need to include a budget for those unforeseen events or compromise and reduce the scope of your basement renovation in case they arise so you can complete your project.


When a homeowner commits to a basement renovation project without having professional advice or consideration to the previously mentioned areas, the time and budget may skyrocket beyond the real resources and most probably will end up as a failure where the homeowner has spent all their money, wasted a lot of time and not being able to finish and enjoy their dream basement.

As opposed having in consideration  all these factors and hiring Colony Electrical Inc will ensure that your basement renovation estimate will be very near to reality so your project will be done on time and on budget and will be done with the highest quality materials so you can enjoy your dream basement.

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Colony Electrical services Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.

Colony Electrical Inc. services Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.