The Benefits of Moving to Efficient Lighting

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This Outdoor LED Lamp consumes only 9W almost one tenth of an incandescent light

The lighting in your home or office contributes to your overall energy bill. If you are not using efficient lighting systems, you could be paying more each month in electrical bills than you need to. Making the switch to more efficient lighting helps you save energy and it can improve your living environment.

There are three predominant types of energy-efficient lights: CFLs, halogens, and LEDs. They are available in varying colours — ranging from warm to cool. Warmer colours are better in decorative fixtures and main living areas. Cooler colours are better suited for work areas but can be used in decorative fixtures and pendants too.

Money-Saving Benefits of Efficient Lighting

Traditional 60-watt incandescent bulbs run at about $22 per year. By making the switch to an LED bulb, the cost reduces to a total of $4 per year. Halogen bulbs use 28 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs, while CFLs use 75 percent less. LEDs use the least amount of energy out of the three efficient lighting options.

Some businesses and homeowners may qualify for an incentive package — complete with rebates — for making the switch to efficient lighting systems.

Maintenance Benefits of Energy-Efficient Lights

In addition to annual savings, efficient lights cost a homeowner less in annual purchases and routine maintenance. LEDs last 25 times longer, CFLs last eight times longer, and halogens last up to three times longer than traditional incandescent. That means less money wasted on light purchases throughout the year.

Deciding Which Type of Efficient Lighting is Right For You

 LED Lamp consumes ON

CFLs and LEDs are the most popular types of efficient light bulbs available to consumers. While LEDs are more expensive, they last longer and cost less in annual energy than CFLs. CFLs are also not as versatile as LEDs when it comes to certain applications. If you have recessed lighting, a dimmer switch or you need lighting outdoors, LEDs are better suited for these situations than CFLs.

Has your home analyzed to see what type of energy-efficient light fixtures are best for your needs? You can use a combination of CFLs and LEDs throughout your home to maximize efficiency.

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