Electric Service Upgrade

Electrical Service upgrades in  Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Mississauga.

Electrical Service Upgrade, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga

You may want to upgrade your electric services for many different reasons, here just few:

  1. Obsolete technology: Your house or condo unit may be too old and use fuses instead of breakers* or maybe your house still uses aluminum wires which are a fire hazard.
  2. Your insurance company requires you to upgrade your electrical system in order to issue or renew your home insurance policy.
  3. You are renovating your basement: Your old basement which was used mostly for storage is now being renovated to provide additional living, working, storage and/or entertaining space.
  4. You are building an addition to your house
  5. You are installing new appliances: You may be replacing your gas stove with an electric one, or you want to install a backyard whirlpool and you current electric service does not support the new electric load **.
  6. Frequent problems with your current electrical panel. For example your fuses are blown constantly.
  7. Water damage: Usually the electrical panel is located in the basement and may have suffered as consequence of flooding or moisture.
  8. A home inspection has determined that your electrical panel or your electrical wiring contains outdated or out if code electrical work probably DIY or done by an unlicensed electrician


* The function of both fuses and breakers is to avoid an overload in your electrical wires. When designing your home the electrical contractor calculates each wire in your home depending on the load that each specific circuit is suppose to receive. i.e. the circuit for an electric stove which uses 3600 to 4800 Watts is larger than the one for the freezer which uses aprox. 750 Watts. Therefore the protection for the stove usually is 40 to 50 Amps while the protection for the Freezer could be just 10Amps. Fuses have become obsolete and they have been out of production for some time now.
** Houses 60 years old or older were build with a 60 Amps Service. Then the standard became 100 Amps. However large houses may demand more as they have larger needs for lighting, heating, air-conditioning, entertaining, etc.

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