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Electrical Restaurant Renovations, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga

When planning your restaurant renovation you should hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor to design the electrical system for your new restaurant. That is the first step to make sure your renovated restaurant will comply with the electrical code of Ontario which will make it efficient and safe.
Restaurant renovations require special consideration for each of the different physical areas of your restaurant:

  • Prep-area: dish washing, mixers, blenders, grinders, slicers, food processors, etc…
  • Kitchen: Stoves, Ovens, Broilers, Microwaves, Cookers, Fryers, Toasters, Electrical Grills, Steamers, Hood Vents etc…
  • Dining Room: special designed lighting, service outlets
  • Storage Areas: lighting, service outlets, temperature and humidity control, etc…
  • Reception Areas: lights, computer/cashier machine, service outlets
  • Office Areas: lights, outlets for computer, cashier machine, copier, fax, shredder, service outlets and any additional office equipment.
  • Janitorial Area: lights, service outlets, Wi-Fi, etc
  • Bathrooms: lights, hand dryers, service outlets
  • Wine Cellars: special lighting, cooling system
  • Food storage: lights, service outlets
  • Walk-in Freezer: special designed electrical installation
  • Bar: lights, service outlets, bar equipment, cahier machines, etc
  • Exterior Signs: special designed electrical installation
  • Infrastructure: HVAC, Water Heater, Air Quality, Emergency Generator, etc…

The electrical panel accommodates protection for each of the services mentioned above. In some cases it would require meet physical considerations in case you need the public to have access to the main panel, or if you require to prevent access to un-authorized personnel.
As licensed Electrical Contractor we put a lot of attention in making your design as efficient as possible so you can reduce your hydro costs to the minimum. Using energy efficient lighting can save you lots of money in the long run.

Please contact Colony Electrical for all your needs or concerns regarding all your restaurant electrical needs.


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Colony Electrical services Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga.

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